Colorado Masters Athletes at the 2018 CrossFit Games

When it comes to athletic endeavors, CrossFit is erasing the idea that age equals endless aches and pains and an inability to lift heavy weights. These Colorado athletes are showing the rest of us that age really is just a number.

Men 40-44

Jason Grubb – 5280 CrossFit

Owner of 5280 CrossFit, Grubb has ranked in Colorado’s top 10 for the Open since 2016. This is his first trip to the Games.

Jason Kelly – CrossFit Broadway

Seven-year owner of CrossFit Broadway in Denver, Jason Kelly was born and raised in New Zealand and formerly played professional rugby. He competed individually in the 2012 Regionals. His Fran time is 2:29.

Men 45-49

Robert Davis – CrossFit Bonedale

Robert Davis owns CrossFit Bonedale in Carbondale, Colorado. This is his sixth trip to the CrossFit Games as a Masters athlete.

Brent Maier – CrossFit Pandora’s Box

Brent Maier

Maier is a U.S. Air Force veteran whose CrossFit resume includes individual regional appearances from 2009 to 2011. This is his fifth trip to the Games as a Masters athlete.

Men 50-54

Mike Egan – Backcountry CrossFit

Mike Egan

A pilot for Southwest Airlines, Egan’s home gym is BackCountry CrossFit, but he does a lot of working out on the road. Just last week, he was in New Orleans and had to do a 30-minute road bike ride for his training. “I went to a local bike shop to rent one and a local bike courier took me out and showed me the town without getting hit by a car,” he told DBL. “It’s motivating to get out of your gym and see how other people do it.” Egan has been doing CrossFit since 2009. This is his fourth trip to the Games.

Craig Eisman – Anchor CrossFit


Eisman coaches at Anchor CrossFit in Commerce City and recently opened a supplement retail store called Cornerstone Nutrition and Supplements. He started doing CrossFit in 2013 and went to the Games for the first time two years later, taking fourth place in the 45-49 division. Last year, on his third trip to the Games, he took second in the 50-54 division. “I believe that mental toughness is the key to success in training as well as competing,” Eisman said. “I no longer allow myself to collapse on the floor after workouts, instead using the aftermath of tough workouts as the perfect time to improve mental toughness and stay on my feet.” This will be his last year competing at the Games, so he’s planning to give it everything he has and soak up the experience.

Women 50-54

Trisha Beauperthuy – CrossFit SoCo

Trisha Beauperthuy

One of Colorado’s two female Masters athletes is a woman whose score of 340 reps on 18.1 was better than 7,886 of the South West region’s male competitors. She coaches at CrossFit SoCo, competed with a team at Regionals in 2012, and has been to the Games multiple times.

Men 55-59

Steve Parsoneault – CrossFit Sanitas

This year will be Parsoneault’s sixth trip to the Games. He started CrossFitting nine years ago while living in California. “I tried [CrossFit] because a mountain biking buddy was kicking my ass and he said he was training at a CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz,” Parsoneault said. “I was immediately hooked.” Parsoneault lives in the mountains above Boulder where he grows a lot of his own food and raises turkeys, chickens, and quail with the company of his dog, Micco.

Women 55-59

Mary Beth Prodromides – CrossFit Vex

The second of Colorado’s female Masters athletes, Prodromides is a 57-year-old physical education teacher from Grand Junction. A former bodybuilder, Prodromides went to her first CrossFit Games in 2011, just a year into the sport. This will be her seventh Games appearance.

Men 60+

Cal Cherrington – Stand Firm CrossFit


A rancher, former high school teacher and wrestling coach, and inductee in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Cherrington was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and now owns Stand Firm CrossFit in Granby. “I started using CrossFit with my wrestlers and saw a tremendous improvement in their strength and conditioning,” Cherrington said. “The biggest bonus, however, was that they loved the CrossFit workouts that we did in practice—suddenly conditioning was fun and competitive.” Cherrington prefers long, grinding workouts and considers Games workout short. This is his second trip to the Games and he hopes to improve on his seventh place finish in 2017.

The Colorado Guide to the 2018 CrossFit Games

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